The STN Movement

The STN Movement is the creation of Brooklyn based multi-hyphenated artist/entrepreneur, Axel Avin, Jr.

The mission of The STN Movement is twofold.

First, to create gear that honors those who have lost their lives to police brutality, systemic racism and societal marginalization. Every time we say their names we remind the world these were our brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, aunts, uncles, and friends. They are not to be forgotten, their deaths will not be in vain and we will continue to raise their names as loud as we can. The second goal of The STN Movement is to give money directly to victims' families and organizations fighting systemic racism. The root of racial inequity in America is financial. The average white family in America has 11x the wealth of the average black family. That is to say, for every $110k the average white family has, the average black family has $10k. This is the stark reality of the black experience in America and we must work relentlessly to erase the wealth gap. The burden of this wealth gap is carried by the black and minority communities in every structure of American society, in education, health, housing, business and criminal justice. Tackling all of these issues is overwhelming and may leave the average person feeling helpless. But there are incredible organizations that have been in the fight for racial and social justice and they need our funding now more than ever. So STN has pledged 10% of sales to be donated to these organizations as well as the families of victims. 

Join us today. Spread the word. We can change America together.